About Illnath

Illnath now has a complete line-up, and new material is well underway for the third album.

Illnath’s second album “Second Skin of Harlequin” is long overdue because of an unstable financial situation in Japan. Meanwhile, Pete and Tyr joins the danish metal outlet 7thorns. After some time, the drummer and founder of 7thorns, Lars joins Illnath. To keep the wheels going Illnath plays two concerts in Thisted and Albertslund in May 2005. These concerts will also mark the exit of another Illnath member, as Tobias decides to devote some more time to his family. Once again, things are quiet in Illnath as the search for a new bassist and the reflections the band’s future direction are commenced. Near the end of the year, Illnath finally gets an extremely skilled replacement bass player in young (but yet mean-looking) Kenneth.

At the beginning of the year Benjamin rejoins the band. In March Illnath plays two concerts at Tex and 1000-fryd with Norwegian band Arch Nemesis, the arrangers of the Elements of Metal festival at which Illnath played the year before. Most of the time the next couple of months is spend on creating new material for the next album. In the summer, Illnath gets an offer from Konkhra to go on tour in November. The offer is accepted, and the focus in tha band is rapidly shifted from working on new material to rehearsing the set for the upcoming European Tour. Just before the tour, Illnath’s steady bass player Tobias decides to leave, but luckily Arch Nemesis bass player Andre “Chain” Trevland is up to the challenge and joins Illnath for the tour in early November. After the tour, internal conflicts result in Benjamin leaving the band once again, and the remaining members concentrate on finishing the new material and start recording the new album.

The cooperation with producer Jan Borsing increase and Borsing is now manager for the band. Illnath completes a mini-tour of 4 concerts with the Danish band Illdisposed, and sells about 500 copies of “Angelic Voices Calling” in Denmark. A number of foreign record labels show great interest in the band after having received the MCD. When the band doesn’t get any offers they find attractive enough, they choose to pay for the recording costs of an entire album themselves.

Illnath once again chooses to use Borsing Recording and starts recording the album “Cast Into Fields of Evil Pleasure”. Vocalist Simon leaves the band just after having recorded his vocals because of a lack of commitment. The band then contacts the Norwegian record label Valgalder Records, and they put the band in contact with Bjørn Olav Holter (“Narrenschiff”), and after a short audition the cooperation begins. During fall this year Illnath receives an offer from the Japanese label Worldchaos Production, and the contract for the first album is concluded.

In the beginning of the year, drummer Benjamin Johannesen joins the band, and Illnath choses to redo the drums on the recordings from 2000 using Benjamin’s drumming. The band plays a lot of concerts this year, and in September the self-financed MCD “Angelic Voices Calling” is released.

After the loss of the drummer, the profile of the band changes, and the name of the band changes to Illnath. Peter wants to concentrate exclusively on the guitars and compositions. As a consequence the band contacts vocalist Simon Thorsback (Ofring), and he joins the band.
The band records 2 tracks in a home studio with computer drums, with the purpose of finding a drummer. At the end of the year the band enters the studio at Borsing Recording in Århus with Susperia-drummer Tjodalv. At the same time guitarist Jokum decides to leave the band.

Flagellation does a lot of work in 99 and the work on their first demo concludes in the making of “Behind the Veil”. This promo is sent to a number of record companies and several magazines. Next the band is featured on the compilation-CD “Extremity Rising #4” released by Serious Entertainment. Immediately after the promo is done, the drummer Christian Petersen leaves the band.

The first half of the year is spent trying out members for the band. In the last half Tobias Jensen and Artur Meinild joins on bass and keyboard respectively, and the first bricks for the band are laid under the name Flagellation.

Peter Falk (guitars+vocals) joined with former guitarist Jokum Thor Larsen, and a musical cooperation starts.

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