Throwing a party in Denmark

As some of you people might know, all of the writers on this website are from Denmark. We are not all from the same city, but since the country Denmark is not that big, we are all living close to each other. Since i, Marius, turned 30 years old in May, I wanted to throw a party. When I talk about party, it is not just a regular party. I wanted to host the greatest party of all time, with free drinks, beers, food and so on.

What I think is a great party

At first I thought about renting a big rock band for my party. Maybe a band like Slipknot or Korn. I talked with my wife about the possibilities of using some of our spared money, but then she suddenly said something to me ”I know that you want the greatest party of your life, but only 5% of the people who are coming to your party, wants to listen to Slipknot or Korn for a whole night. Find a nice DJ instead, that will make the party nice for everyone!”

After what she said, I really thought about the meaning of a great party. I am not the only one who is going to the party that I am throwing, and a part of a good party, is whenever all the guest are happy and in a good mood. I made it clear for my self, that i could not plan the party myself, since I would think to much about what i wanted myself. I therefore rented a party arranger, who was very experienced in the party and bar industry.


The party

The arranger was extremely professional, and was also listening to some of my own wishes. The party was being held in a big hall in Copenhagen, and over 300 guests were invited. There were beautiful waiters serving champagne, drinks, cocktails and food. The arranger had hired a professional chef who made the best food. A Danish mobile bar company were also hired, and they were serving a variety of 12 different drinks from the bar. There were also draft beer and even a slush ice machine with a mix of water, juice and vodka. The party was the best I have ever had, and my friends and guests were even more excited for the party than I was.

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